How to Enjoy Your Dumplings (pt. 2)

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How to Enjoy Your Dumplings (pt. 2)


Although a good recipe is necessary, many other elements are also required to have perfect dumplings. Let’s go through all the recommendations!

One bite – one dumpling

There is no gainsaying that it doesn’t matter what type of dumpling you are eating, the best way to enjoy your dumpling is to consume it in one bite. To put it differently, dumplings are originally made to be eaten in a mouthful; like that, its skin and meat would be tasted altogether in proper ratio. If you have ever wondered why dumplings are in small sizes, now you understand it.

Avoid breaking your dumplings

This tip is somewhat related to the previously mentioned one. What it says is that dumplings, especially in soupy dishes, had better be in one piece when put into mouths. Although this tip may sound like a nonsense, it is indeed a widely known art by dumpling gourmets. If you find yourself not capable of holding a pair of chopsticks, then use your fingers. Using a fork will compromise your dumpling’s flavour by piercing it.

Mix some dumpling sauce

If chopsticks are widely known as Asian traditional utensils, dipping food in bowls of sauce is also referred to as an Asian people’s habit during meal. There are plenty types of sauce designed for dumpling; you can find them all around cooking sites. One of the most recommended one is “mixing one part of soy sauce with two parts of vinegar. Give it a try!

Make spicy dumplings

A little bit of heat and spice added to your dumplings is definitely encouraged since most spices have the effects of anti-inflammatory medicines. According to recently conducted studies, some of them help fend off gut bacteria, some ease the symptoms of arthritis while others quell nauseated stomachs.

Enjoy with your friends and family

And last but not least, it has never been a good idea to enjoy a delicious meal all by yourself. In other words, having a companion by your side at the table is always great. Sharing dumplings and stories with your beloved ones slows down the tempo of your already hustling and bustling life, thus allows you to spend more time to enjoy and relax.