How to Enjoy Your Dumplings (pt. 1)

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How to Enjoy Your Dumplings (pt. 1)


Different civilisations have different approaches to dumplings, one of the contemporarily trending foods in the world. To mention of the word dumpling, some people may immediately think of the classical Chinese potsticker; that maybe because they have never got a chance to try the traditional Japanese gyoza. Gyoza often appears on Japanese dinner table as a side dish. Most of the time it is served during the wait for the main course. Additionally, gyoza is one of Japanese favourite snacks in fairs or festivals. However, regardless whatever type of dumpling you prefer, the principles to make a good dish remain the same. Listed below is our suggestions on how to cook good dumplings.

Boiled Dumplings

Deep frying is not always a good idea, especially when you are too bored at consuming greasing food. One thing you could try is dipping your little dumplings into a pot of water and boil until they start to float upon the surface. For better measure, leave your dumplings there for the next three minutes before recapturing them. Just like that, your yummy dumplings are perfectly cooked without a burn mark on their shells.

Adding green to your dish

Not only your monotonic dumplings will be decorated, but your metabolism will also be sped up by leafy greens. To a simple dish that was originally yellowish brown, some leaves of spinach carpeted underneath will definitely make the plate look more appealing. Not to mention the fact that vegetable will give you a boost in vitamin K, fiber and iron.

Selecting lean meat

Though this will not be an issue for seafood and veggie dumplings, it is really worth considering for all other kinds of meat-wrapping dumplings. Above all, since dumplings usually require minced meat, lean meat will provide better taste comparing to fat one. Besides, more fat in the meat means more saturated fat will be absorbed into your body. Consequently, the risk of getting a heart disease will increase. By this I mean that choosing the right meat is an essential step in making tasty and healthy dumplings.