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How to Enjoy Your Dumplings (pt. 2)


Although a good recipe is necessary, many other elements are also required to have perfect dumplings. Let’s go through all the recommendations! One bite - one dumpling There is no gainsaying that it doesn’t matter what type of dumpling you are eating, the best way to enjoy your dumpling is to cons Read More

How to Enjoy Your Dumplings (pt. 1)


Different civilisations have different approaches to dumplings, one of the contemporarily trending foods in the world. To mention of the word dumpling, some people may immediately think of the classical Chinese potsticker; that maybe because they have never got a chance to try the traditional Japane Read More

How to Eat Gyoza in The Correct Way


Yaki Gyoza (grilled or pan-fried gyoza) is the most popular kinds of gyoza we can find either in good restaurants or just in small food stores’ menu. Eating gyoza should follow a proper way, no matter you enjoy it as your main course in dinner table or as a side dish for your ramen. So let's discove Read More

Gyoza- The Japanese Dumplings


The Origin of Gyoza While jiaozi has a history of more than a thousand years, gyoza is a quite a recent innovation. It turns out that gyoza is a dish born from jiaozi’s culinary idea. Japanese people invented gyoza by borrowing this concept from the Chinese people. During World War II time, Japa Read More