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In recent years Hamamatsu has garnered the attention throughout Japan as a destination for gourmet gyoza.

The city boasts more than 80 gyoza restaurants and nearly 300 shops that produce their own gyoza, each striving to be the best.

The first Ishimatsu shop was founded in 1953, located inside Hamamatsu station in the city center, and since then our sincere commitment to providing customers with the best gyoza possible has endured thanks to a passion for excellence that has spanned over 60 years.

Our Strong Points

Plenty of cabbage's sweetness and pork umami trimmed together, juicy dumplings easily

“Pork Raised in the Enshu region”

We use only local Enshu pork, selecting premium cuts that combine harmoniously with the other ingredients while complementing their respective flavors and textures, for a simple yet delicious dumpling taste experience.

“Carefully Selected Cabbage”

Perhaps the most crucial ingredient that contributes to the unique flavor of Ishimatsu dumplings is cabbage. We use locally grown cabbage yielded from seasonal crops for maximum sweetness and an unmistakeable light juicy taste.

Ishimatsu Original “Tare” Sauce

Our “tare” is the result of an exhaustive process to create the perfect soy sauce/ vinegar-based dipping sauce to match our gyouza with a mild sweetness that complements the individual flavors of each ingredient.

“Mochi Mochi” Skins

Like the soft, gummy texture of Japanese mochi, our tasty gyoza skins seal in the distinctive flavors of all the ingredients inside and combine with our signature “tare” (dipping sauce) for unique, flavorsome gyoza.


Gyoza baking is not only controlled by heat, but also depends on the material and thickness of the utensils used, and the condition changes daily. Ishimatsu is always working every day aiming at the best burning at all stores.

Ishimatsu Innovation

The signature use of bean sprouts served with gyoza is a custom now synonymous with Hamamatsu gyoza dumplings that was pioneered by *** Osumi upon discovering their flavor matched perfectly with both the dumplings and the Ishimatsu dipping sauce.

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The Ishimatsu Difference

The abundant sweetness from our precisely cut cabbage combines with delicious, high-quality pork in a light yet juicy gyoza which, in combination of our signature dipping sauce, has inspired an entire region's style of making and preparing Japanese-style gyoza.