How to Eat Dumplings Properly

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How to Eat Dumplings Properly


Dumplings are considered as one of the key-note speakers in Chinese meal table, and soup dumplings are the shiniest star.

So, what is soup dumpling? Soup dumpling, also known as “xiao long bao” is a bite-sized food that has a dough wrapper. This dough skin is fairly soft and chewy and can be made of several different kinds of starch. The stuffing inside is normally chopped meat and carries hot soup made from a number of different ingredients.

Many people know and enjoy soup dumplings around the world, but not everyone has got the tips of how to eat this dish in a proper way. The way people eat dumplings may have variations in different countries and culinary cultures. Yet, to make most of out of this wonderful food invention, one should really get to understand the correct way to enjoy it. Kevin Pang, editor-in-chief of The Takeout and director of the documentary For Grace on Netflix once said if treated with the respect it deserves ‘’ xiao long bao ‘’ – kind of broth-filled Shanghainese steamed pork dumplings will pay many dividends to diners. When eating soup dumplings, diners are advised to consume the food in one bite to experience the wonderful taste brought about by the thin flour skin, meat filling, and broth perfectly harmonized.

Common Mistakes When First-timers Try Dumplings

Chinese people have a reference towards eating food by using chopsticks and dumpling is a Chinese dish, many people misunderstand that this is also a proper way to enjoy soup dumplings. However, it may not true. The dumpling’s skin is too delicate. If picked up or poked with chopsticks, the dough skin may be broken and the hot soup may leak out all over the plate, making the food lose its essence taste.

Another mistake people may make when they try soup dumplings for the first time is that they use their fingers or a fork to pick the dumpling then put the whole piece to their mouth. The hot broth when spilling out will hurt the inside of their mouth and tongue.

How to eat soup dumpling correctly

Use the soup spoon

Typically, in Chinese restaurants, dumplings are served with a big soup spoon, and this is what diners should use to enjoy dumpling. The proper way goes like this: Diners use their chopsticks to pick the dumpling at its closet knot then place the dumpling onto the spoon. If they are still afraid of making a puncture to the wrapper, a pair of tongs are really useful. Diners can ask the waiter for this tool.

Tips to eat a soup dumpling without burning your mouth

As said, it is not a good idea to eat the whole hot dumpling in your mouth at once since the hot soup may burn your mouth and tongue. Instead, try to let the dumpling cool down to a suitable point with a suitable pace. There are several ways to do this. Some people take a small bite in the side of dumpling’s wrapper to drain some of the hot broth out to the spoon and slurp on it first.

If the soup spoon is not large enough, you can make a bite in the top of the dumpling. Then, wait for some moments to let the heat go out a bit. When it cools down enough, suck the hot broth through that bite at the dumpling top then place the rest of the dumpling in your mouth and start chewing.

In some high-grade restaurants, they may offer a really big size soup dumplings followed with a straw for diners to drink the soup.

It may not be easy at first but it would not be long until first-timers can enjoy dumplings skillfully.