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Hamamatsu Flower Park


Have you ever run into a picture of purple Fuji flower blooming like a waterfall in the fairyland? Do you wonder where can you find such a romantic scenery? Come to Hamamatsu Flower Park and get the first-hand experience.

Hamamatsu Flower Park – The Endless Greenery

The park which is located on the edge of Lake Hamana is 30,000 square meters. It is a botanical garden that houses 3,000 different species of plants. Throughout the year, visitors coming to the park can always enjoy seasonal flowers and greenery.

Around mid-February to mid-March is the time of red, white and pink plum blossoms. April arrives bringing the full-bloom of tulips in various vibrant colors. The most famous and iconic flower of Japan during springtime is nothing else but cherry blossom. The image of cherry blossoms blooming in a bright blue sky has deeply printed in Japanese and international tourists.

As cherry blossom season has passed, it’s the showtime of hydrangeas and irises. They dye the park with bright, vivid colors. Around October, amethyst sage and roses hit the park hard with their brilliant colors. November is the golden time of chrysanthemum. “Hamamatsu Chrysanthemum Convention” is the occasion in which members of the Hamamatsu Chrysanthemum Committee bring signature flowers grown up by themselves to compete with one another. In mid-November, visitors can have a chance to see chrysanthemums in numerous colors and shapes – all in one place: “Hyakushu Tsugiwakegiku” display. More than 100 different varieties of chrysanthemums are grafted onto a single base and displayed to the public. This is a practice that has existed since the Edo Period. Make sure you won’t miss it!

And when it comes to Christmas-the most wonderful time of the year, the park is full of dazzling illuminations and a significantly decorated Christmas tree. There would be various concerts and other Christmas events going on the whole month long!

As the New Year arrives, rapeseed blossoms and daffodils flood the park until the next plum flowers season comes back.

Indoor exhibits

Walking to the center of the park, visitors will meet a large greenhouse with a beautiful name: Crystal Palace.

The Palace has a Garden Theater where there are elaborate seasonal displays. At the fountain in front of the palace, visitors can enjoy the music plays and the water dances on the hour and at half past (30 minutes apart). When the night falls, the show would become more mysterious with illumination.

As tourists make their way deeper into the park, they will end up being at the “Children’s Plaza.” This is an ideal destination for families with young children as they offer a variety of different playground equipment set up. Most of them are free though some may come with a charge and some others are off-service on certain days.

The “Flower Train”

For those who are not so into walking on foot yet still wish to get the whole picture of the park, the “Flower Train” can offer them a loop around. They can enjoy the ride while listening to a 15-minute explanation from a courteous guide. It is highly recommended to take the train tour so visitors can catch which flowers are in bloom at the season and where things are, and then from there pick out the spots that they feel interested in.

Shops and restaurants

At the entrance of the park, there is a souvenir corner where visitors can find great numbers of nice goods to bring home. There are decorative plants, flower motif decorations (such as photo frames and ceramics), signature Hamamatsu sweets, and other local products.

Café and restaurant are also available if tourists want to take a rest or enjoy a meal.


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