Enjoying “Japanese banquet meals” at Haneda Airport

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Enjoying “Japanese banquet meals” at Haneda Airport


If you have an hour or two to stop by or wait and want to enjoy the Edo style village of Haneda Airport, visit this restaurant – Hyakuzen. This restaurant is a place that you can have an authentic Japanese meal where they use the special selected seasonal ingredient.

The traditional Japanese Kaiseki cuisine restaurant

Meals are made with these selected seasonal ingredients and cooked in a simple way. Hyakuzen is where you can have a traditional Japanese meal with a combination of small dishes. Meals often come with a main dish such as a fresh seafood bowl, miso soup, and five other side dishes so you can try many traditional Japanese dishes at the same time.


In this restaurant, you can also order A la Carte on their menu, but it is recommended to order their Juubakomeshi (starting from 1,580 Yen (include tax)), a stacked box meal that looks just beautiful. That stacked box meal comes with side dishes, a rice bowl, and soup as well. However, their Juubako Issai (starting from 1,580 Yen (include tax)) with side dishes, the main dish, and soup is not a bad choice either. I’m sure you will be impressed by the beautiful and colorful sight of the dishes which are put on bamboo dishware.


The restaurant is opened at 8 a.m., so it is available for a breakfast set. They have a variety of set menus with your choice of side dishes. However, don’t forget to try their Yudofu Gozen. This dish uses tofu made with techniques that have been handed down for centuries. I think I don’t need to talk about how tofu is famous as a health food anymore, right?

So, come and try it. This will be a great experience for you to start your trip or just to have the last meal in Japan.



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