Dumplings Around the World: Chinese Dumplings (Part 3)

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Dumplings Around the World: Chinese Dumplings (Part 3)


Beside “Crescent-Shaped Dumplings” and “Purse-Shaped Dumplings”, Chinese cuisine also contains other types of dumplings. Let’s figure them out!

Haam Sui Gok

Haam Sui Gok refers to dumplings that have a glutinous rice dough covering a savory filling inside. The fillings can be made of pork and sausage, coconut, or sweet bean paste… the list goes on. People cook Haam Sui Gok by deep frying them. The dumplings will come out blistered, with a crispy outermost skin followed by a chewy, lightly doughy layer underneath.

Wu Gok

Wu Gok is a kind of dumplings that have the wrappers made of fried purple taro, not normal dough. Inside of a Wu Gok is the meaty pork filling. In just one bite, diners can enjoy the sweet and savory taste along with a crisp and tender biting experience.

Won Ton

Won Ton distinguish themselves from other dumplings by their unique square wrappers. Typically, Won Ton filling is made of ground pork and/or shrimp; however, proportions differ depending on provenance. While some may be quite heavy and substantial, others are light and airy.

Won Ton often appear in Chinese soups, coming along with cabbage and noodles.

Tang Yuan

Tang Yuan is known as sweet, sticky glutinous rice dumplings.  Their filling varies from a wide range of ingredients. It can be rock candy, sesame paste, peanuts, or red bean paste.

To cook Tang Yuan, people will boil them until soft and chewy. Tang Yuan can be served alone or in combination with a sweet bean, sesame, or ginger soup.


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