The “Special Something” That Sets Us ApartFounded in 1954

From humble beginnings in 1954 as the first gyoza stand in Hamamatsu, Ishimatsu dumplings pioneered the unique flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques, that remain a staple of the region’s gyoza culture to this day. Now with several shops and a history that spans over 65 years, Ishimatsu stands out as a true original in a city renowned for its gyoza.


65 years ago **** Osumi opened the first ever gyoza stand in Hamamatsu after an exhaustive trial and error process to develop what he believed to be the perfect gyoza dumpling. After eating authentic Chinese gyoza from the ****** peninsula and then obtaining the recipe for their preparation, he made countless variations until he arrived at the unique combination of ingredients and cooking techniques, or “tsunagi,” that would suit his Japanese customers and ultimately provide the foundational flavor and preparation that all Hamamatsu gyoza would build upon. Demand for these delicious, unique gyoza was so significant that after only one year, Mr. Osumi was able to open his first restaurant, propelled by the reputation for delicious taste, ample servings, and the four key differences that set his dumplings apart from all others—the circular array of dumplings around the plate, the sweet taste of precisely cut cabbage, the use of moyashi (bean sprouts) in the center of the plate, and his replacement of the usual vinegar/ soya sauce combination with his own unique sauce, or “tare,” that seemed a perfect complement for both the gyoza and as the moyashi. Like his grandfather and father before him, Jun Osami continues the tradition of constant re-examination and refinement of the family recipes, and the search for fresh, innovative ideas that will allow him to provide customers with the best gyoza available anywhere.

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Our Strong Points

Plenty of cabbage's sweetness and pork umami trimmed together, juicy dumplings easily

“Pork Raised in the Enshu region”

We use only local Enshu pork, selecting premium cuts that combine harmoniously with the other ingredients while complementing their respective flavors and textures, for a simple yet delicious dumpling taste experience.

“Carefully Selected Cabbage”

Perhaps the most crucial ingredient that contributes to the unique flavor of Ishimatsu dumplings is cabbage. We use locally grown cabbage yielded from seasonal crops for maximum sweetness and an unmistakeable light juicy taste.

Ishimatsu Original “Tare” Sauce

Our “tare” is the result of an exhaustive process to create the perfect soy sauce/ vinegar-based dipping sauce to match our gyouza with a mild sweetness that complements the individual flavors of each ingredient.

“Mochi Mochi” Skins

Like the soft, gummy texture of Japanese mochi, our tasty gyoza skins seal in the distinctive flavors of all the ingredients inside and combine with our signature “tare” (dipping sauce) for unique, flavorsome gyoza.


Gyoza baking is not only controlled by heat, but also depends on the material and thickness of the utensils used, and the condition changes daily. Ishimatsu is always working every day aiming at the best burning at all stores.

Ishimatsu Innovation

The signature use of bean sprouts served with gyoza is a custom now synonymous with Hamamatsu gyoza dumplings that was pioneered by *** Osumi upon discovering their flavor matched perfectly with both the dumplings and the Ishimatsu dipping sauce.

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